About us

Heritage Carpentry and Joinery is run by Adrian Beech who is a skilled craftsman and comes from a long line of skilled craftsmen. His father, uncle and brother were carpenters, his grandfather was a carpenter as was his father before him. In fact carpenters go back through the Beech family as far back as Adrian can go. Having learnt his trade with his father as a youngster, Adrian has over 20 years experience of providing purpose made carpentry and joinery throughout Wrexham and beyond.

His services extend to all types of work including hand made hardwood kitchens, restoration work, furniture repairs and bespoke joinery for all types of work with wood no matter how large or small. As a true craftsman using traditional methods he takes pride in his work  and provides work to the highest standard. If you need need a carpenter or joiner to undertake any type of work please phone Adrian on mobile: 07793 822480.

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